Transparency of forex market execution

Regulatory constraints such as the ones specified in MIFID II are forcing forex brokers to create a trading environment that is fair and transparent for all market participants. Our intent is to offer a service that encourages fair play in the forex market by allowing market participants to assess the quality of the execution their broker is providing.

It is important to remember that a single poorly executed trade does not imply that one needs to find a new broker. However, if one gets consistently poor execution, one may want to contact one’s broker, or approach the appropriate ombudsman or self-regulated body.



For Traders

  • Check that you are getting fair execution on your trades
  • Avoid unnecessary costly and time consuming legal disputes with your broker
  • Verify the competitiveness of your broker's pricing

For Brokers

  • Check for irregularities in your execution before your customers complain
  • Reduce back office costs when dealing with customer queries regarding pricing
  • Show your customers that you hold yourself accountable for your service quality
  • Compare your pricing with your competitors

For Regulators

  • Quickly and simply review your member brokers' execution quality
  • Allow you to focus your resources on brokers that consistently show poor execution