Trade Execution and Price Analysis to help your brokerage be more profitable

We provide price and execution analytics to retail focused OTC brokers that enable them to be more competitive while addressing regulatory requirements.

Compare your pricing

To the retail OTC market or to a selected broker on both the bid and ask side over the short medium and long term.


Quality of trade execution – of your broker compared to the broader OTC market price or to a selected broker.

Arbitrage risk

Assess risk traders can arb you based on your price differential to the retail OTC market or to a selected broker over time.

Identify Algorithmic / EA traders

Manage risk from these traders.

We are also building models to assess liquidity providers and are looking for brokers to work with to refine the offering

New customer acquisition

Provide our certificate of assurance on the quality of your trade execution

Customer loyalty

Provide assurance to your existing customers that they are getting quality execution

Regulatory obligations

Provide assurance to your existing customers that they are getting quality execution

We understand OTC Markets, and our analysis methodology considers:

Retail OTC price data (NOT Interbank price data from Reuters or Bloomberg)
Spreads on different account types
Impact of news events on volatility

Let us be the independent third party that provides this insight to your prospects and customers

Trade Execution RTS 27

  • Continual monitoring
  • Market related benchmark
  • Quarterly reporting
  • Producing Reporting Tables

Top 5 execution venues (RTS 28)

  • Continual monitoring
  • Publishing of annual order routing practices
  • Standardised formats
  • Hosting of reports 
  • Detailed analytics

VerifyMyTrade collates market reference data against which brokers’ price execution can be benchmarked. A report on a statistically meaningful sample across a month could be compared to this reference data in order to provide a report to present to regulators as proof of the fairness of execution prices. VerifyMyTrade does not believe it is cost effective to perform the analysis in real time and provides a one day delayed result.

The new obligation under MiFID II is for firms to take “all sufficient steps” – a higher standard indeed. However, ESMA have said that this overarching requirement should not be interpreted to mean that a firm must obtain the best possible results for its clients on every single occasion. Rather, firms will need to verify on an on-going basis that their execution arrangements work well throughout the different stages of the order execution process.

VerifyMyTrade allows brokers to continually monitor execution quality. Naturally, execution quality will vary on the positive and negative side of the benchmark, but will ultimately show that the majority of positions taken are well executed, complying with MiFID requirements and ESMA guidelines.



Check for irregularities in your execution before your customers complain

Reduce back office costs when dealing with customer queries regarding pricing

Show your customers that you hold yourself accountable for your service quality

Compare your pricing with your competitors