Making sure you’re getting fair execution on your Forex trades

Enter your trade’s details below and we’ll tell you whether the trade was fairly priced or not.

Disclaimer: Results are based on published prices received from our retail broker data feeds. Published prices may sometimes differ from execution prices, particularly during times of high volatility.

Understanding the results

If you go “Long” (buy), then the lower the execution price the better.

If you go “Short” (sell), then the higher the execution price the better.

What to do with the analysis

It is important to remember that a single poorly executed trade does not imply that you need to find a new broker. However, if you find that you are consistently getting poor execution, you may want to contact your broker, or approach the appropriate ombudsman or non-governmental regulatory body like The Financial Commission.

What we do

We consolidate price feeds from dozens of retail forex brokers, to produce statistical box plots; which are a representation of the minimum, maximum and percentiles of the ticks received for every second of the day. This is illustrated by the image below.

When you provide us with your trade’s details we can map your execution price to the boxplot for that time of day in order to analyze the effectiveness of your broker’s execution.

Where to find your trade details

Every trading platform has its own trade details location. Here are some examples:

MetaTrader 4 / 5



(note that cTrader doesn’t seem to list the open price date/time, so you may need to note this when you open your position)


About us

We are an independent company, not affiliated to any broker. We are looking out for the best interests of retail traders. We do not, and will not recommend brokers with better execution. Our company’s objective is purely to create transparency, not to show favoritism to certain brokers.

If you find your broker’s execution to be poor, please contact them directly. Feel free to mention our website so that they can compare their own execution quality against the industry.

Please DO NOT email us for broker recommendations.

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